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Having an animal makes me really happy + meta blog updates

It’s not an overflowing, ecstatic, bright, sparkly, chest-filling happiness. It’s a very basic happiness. A weird peace. The little animal putz around the house, languidly, mildly interested in its surroundings, enjoying its food and water and attention and soft spots on the bed. He enjoys sitting on sweatshirts when they’re folded, or when they’re not… … Continue reading

Doppelganger Feminism
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Doppelganger Feminism

It’s dangerous for women. It’s unsafe for women.  It’s toxic for women. It’s hostile, it’s unwelcoming, it’s problematic for women. You might have seen things like this said a lot recently. These are loaded phrases that get plastered across blogs and op eds, while also floating around various channels of social media streams in tweets and comments. They … Continue reading