oh crap, it’s an “about me” section. Anyone reading this probably already knows who I am, but I like to think an invisible audience somewhere out there in Imagination Land is curious. So here goes.

I’m Liz. I enjoy long walks on the beach I am passionate about learning as much as possible about the world, the universe, and the people in it.

Currently, I am a student with a tolerable job. More specifically, I’m in a life-induced limbo between community college and Real Fancy University Degree.

Eventually I’d like to develop a fulfilling and penniless career in the non-profit sector (read: save the world, idealist-style). In the mean time, I’m haphazardly working on way too many projects, and trying to be a better person every day.

Actually, I really do like long walks on the beach.

Other Stuff I’ve Written

Right now this list is fairly, uh… well, it’s pretty damn short. Nearly empty. ¬†Forgive the echo-y sound.

Liz Dudek’s Story – SSA Annual Report

NaNoWriMo 2014

Medium Profile (in progress)

Art Stuff

ArtStation Profile (in progress)

Behance Profile


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